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Surf For Life is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that sponsors high-impact, sustainable development projects in developing countries around the world.

Surf For Life was born in 2008 after recognizing the apparent need to contribute to sustainable development in remote underserved communities. In order to better handle the changing social, environmental, and economic landscapes that come with tourism, particularly in surf destinations, we work collaboratively with local leaders and non-profits to identify infrastructure projects that alleviate the area’s most pressing needs. These needs are specifically focused on education, health and the community as a whole. Projects are identified by the community as an important step in advancing towards positive sustainable growth. Surf For Life brings travelers to far off destinations to explore a new culture while engaging in these necessary and meaningful projects to positively impact that community.

Our success comes from engaging passionate, like-minded organizations and volunteers to directly support the realization of these projects. We offer a unique opportunity for people to experience a new and altruistic kind of travel that takes individual vacation to the next level. Our trips are open to anyone who wants to travel and lend a helping hand.

Community Partners

Our partners and projects have brought us to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Tonga, Peru, Nepal, Colombia, Philippines, Morocco, and Cambodia- just to name a few. We often return to the same community more than once if the opportunity allows for additional projects.

Volunteer, El Paredon, Guatemala 2020

"My favorite part of my Surf for Life experience was meeting locals and learning about the culture from the best guides – they have connections with the locals that made our experience authentic. I would have never made these connections to the local community if I traveled here alone. And when I come back, the local people will know who I am because of the project I contributed to."

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