El Cuco, El Salvador 2013

In the Spring of 2013, Surf For Life volunteers will return to El Cuco, El Salvador to build a pedestrian bridge in one of the poorest communities near the world-class surf break, Las Flores.  This area, located right next to a local elementary school, floods quite often during the rainy season.  The waters rise suddenly and violently and parents cannot send their children to school because they fear they might be swept away by strong currents. This pedestrian bridge will  provide children with the means to attend school, and it will also act as a cultural bridge, connecting one community to another. Ninety-nine percent of people in this region of El Salvador do not own automobiles, and when the rain come in, everyone living on the other side of that flood zone become isolated. There are no grocery stores or doctors on that isolated side of the flood zone, and the completed bridge will allow people to seek supplies and care in case of emergency.

To learn more about the bridge project, please check out this video from our recent volunteer trip to El Cuco when we completed the high school:

After completing the bridge near Las Flores, Surf For Life volunteers will begin building a playground in El Toro.  El Toro is a very poor community, and many of the children do not have positive role models to encourage them to attend school or seek a better life. The playground will provide children with a positive outlet to explore, learn and have fun with their peers while enhancing communication, coordination and creativity.

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Travel to El Cuco, El Salvador

Volunteers will be staying at Azul Surf Club, a small oceanfront hotel in El Cuco. To get to El Cuco, fly into San Salvador International Airport. Upon arrival, you will need to pay a $10USD entrance tax (only cash accepted) so be sure to carry cash during the flight. A shuttle will be provided from the airport to Azul Surf Club (about a 2-hour drive). The shuttle will be pre-arranged, please coordinate your itinerary with the set shuttle times. All meals during the week will be provided by Azul Surf Club, and it is recommended that volunteers bring about $200 cash with them for any extras or to tip drivers/food servers/hotel staff at the end of the week.

Past Surf For Life Project In El Cuco, El Salvador

The construction of the El Cuco, El Salvador high school was completed in August 2012, thanks to the hard work and support of our dedicated volunteers. The second story and roof was finished exactly one year after the first brick was laid in September of 2011. The children of El Cuco will finally be able to attend a high school located in their town! Check out some behind-the-scenes footage of some of the work done on the high school: