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Our mission is to create cross-cultural experiences that leave a positive footprint.  

Surf for Life is a non-profit organization whose mission is to create cross-cultural experiences that leave a positive footprint.  Through organizing and fundraising, Surf For Life creates the bridge between volunteers and international community partners to complete community-based projects.

As a Surf For Life volunteer, you are joining a collective of conscious travelers who are actively giving back while getting to know the local community first hand - creating memories that last a lifetime.

Connect with another culture. Participate in locally-led projects. Join the movement.

Surf For Life Nepal 2019- Travel with Purpose



How it Works




  • The Las Salinas School Renovation Project included adding a new roof, knocking down a school wall, adding a new music room and supplying the music room with all the instruments...

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    Las Salinas School Renovation

    Las Salinas, Nicaragua

    Amount Raised
    Lives Impacted
    Date Completed
    Aug 2017
  • Surf For Life/Hope Corps volunteers and community members in the village of Utungake helped to build a functioning preschool in the community that will provide access to...

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    Utungake Preschool

    Vava'u, Tonga

    Amount Raised
    Lives Impacted
    Date Completed
    Sep 2017
  • Add a summary of the status of this project when complete

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    Sabalo School Project

    Quepos, Costa Rica

    Amount Raised
    Lives Impacted
    Date Completed
    Dec 2017

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