Bocas Del Toro, Panama: Primary School Playground

Isla San Cristobal, Panama

Bocas Del Toro, Panama: Primary School Playground

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Fundraising Commitment: $2,500, including $150 non-refundable deposit

Serving one of the largest number of students on the island, a playground at the primary school on Isla de San Cristóbal, has the best opportunity to reach the most students. A playground would offer the students benefits beyond physical fitness. It would support strong play and social skills and contribute to a child’s ability to develop socially, cognitively and academically. The Principal and local leaders are very enthusiastic about the addition of a playground.

Surf For Life volunteers will work with the community to build the playground, including sidewalks around the playground area and potentially around the preschool that was built last year in Bocas Town.

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Project Details: 

Project Details

Minimum Fundraising Commitment: $2,500

Location: Isla de San Cristóbal, Bocas del Toro, Panamá

Project: Primary School Playground

Community Partner: Give and Surf

Community and Project Description:

The San Cristobal community is located south of Isla Colon in the Bocas Del Toro region. Located a fifteen minute boat ride from Bocas town, San Cristobal is a large island that has several different indigenous communities. The island houses rich marine environments, including coral reefs, lagoons, and mangroves, as well as a tropical rainforest.

Our local partner, Give and Surf, is a locally embedded non-profit organization of volunteers providing sustainable empowerment to indigenous communities in the greater Bocas del Toro area. They focus on community development and increasing access to education. Check out this video to learn more.

Working with the San Cristobal community, Give and Surf creates educational opportunities for these students. In addition to constructing the playground, volunteers will spend parts of the days working with the local teachers and students on various school programs. Volunteers will be fully immersed in the community and highly engaged in the project.

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