Colombia: Classroom Renovation

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia

Colombia: Classroom Renovation

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Minimum Fundraising Commitment: $2,500 including $150 non-refundable deposit

Preserving the traditional ways of life is important to the Kogui indigenous community that live in the highlands of the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern Colombia. A community classroom space where students used to participate in cultural classes has gone in disrepair and therefore unusable. Renovating the classroom and bringing it back as a space for children to learn, surrounded by the beautiful mountains, has been identified by the community as a top priority.

Surf For Life volunteers will work with the local community to renovate the old classroom building including painting, roof repair, updating bathroom facilities, and more.

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May 4 - May 11
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Project Details: 

Project Details

Minimum Fundraising Commitment: $2,500

Location: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia

Project: Classroom Renovation

Community Partner: Alto Don Diego Community Action Board

Community and Project Description:

Located on the site of an ancient Tayrona city, Taironaka Ecolodge has preserved the archeological remains that include stone paths and terraces and serves as the location for the community project. The Kogui indigenous community (approximately 1500 people, with 1000-1200 between the ages of 3rd and 11th grade) that live in the highlands come down from their mountain home twice a month for cultural programs including music and art. The current school is in town where it is noisy, busy, and lots of congestion. The old classroom building in Taironaka has plenty of land to do outdoor and cultural activities and is much more conducive to learning.

Our local partner, Alto Don Diego Community Action Board, is a social organization that serve the indigenous communities of the Sierra Nevada Mountains of northern Colombia, and focused on community development and increasing access to education. Working with the community they have identified the need to renovate the old classroom to allow its use once again.

Taironaka offers you a unique experience of immersion in the abundant flora, ancient history, and where you can learn and share the Kogui indigenous culture.

Travel Details:

This trip may require an extra day of travel, potentially on both ends. Depending on your destination, flights may require leaving your destination on Friday to arrive in Santa Marta for the first gathering on Saturday night. Please check flights and your work schedule before registering.

The hotel is located on the Caribbean Sea in the town of Palomino, and 30 minutes from the work site. Volunteers will travel into the mountains to the project site to work with the indigenous community to renovate the classroom, participate in local cultural activities and enjoy the wildlife along the Don Diego River.

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