El Salvador: Primary School Classroom

El Cuco, El Salvador

El Salvador: Primary School Classroom

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Education is what provides the opportunity to move from poverty into abundance. The country of El Salvador has had a hard time lifting itself up after the civil war 25+ years ago. Many Salvadorans have moved to the US in order to find jobs and provide for their family. With little access to education and very little opportunities locally, families have been split by parents trying to provide for their children.

Six years ago Surf For Life volunteers helped to build a high school. Now there is a new opportunity to build an additional classroom at the primary school. By providing youth with resources and educational opportunities they have the chance at creating a better life for themselves by staying, working, and growing their community. Surf For Life volunteers will work alongside school parents for a lasting community project and hands-on building experience by helping to build the classroom.

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Project Details: 

Project Details

The Las Flores community is located in the east part of El Salvador, in a very safe and mellow fishing village. Known for its world class surf, it boasts 300 yard right point breaks, warm water and southern swells.

Our local partner, Azul Soul Project, is a locally embedded non-profit organization. They focus their efforts on the small coastal village of El Cuco, El Salvador. By working hand in hand with community and political leaders to determine what the real needs are and where the most impact can be made, Azul Soul Project creates sustainable projects tackling the health and education issues affecting the community, empowering its members and their children so they may take charge of their situations to free themselves of poverty and live more joyous lives.  The Azul Soul Project aims to be a catalyst for enabling people in their local community to improve their futures.

Over the past ten years, working with organizations like Surf For Life, they have built two schools, two playgrounds, a bridge, and have fed and clothed thousands of children.

Check out this video featuring their first project with Surf For Life.

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