Guatemala: Secondary School Garden Infrastructure

El Paredon, Guatemala

Guatemala: Secondary School Garden Infrastructure

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Project Details

Minimum Fundraising Commitment: $2,500

Location: El Paredon, Guatemala

Project: Secondary School Garden Infrastructure 

Community PartnerLa Choza Chula

Community and Project Description:

Located on the pacific coast of Guatemala, the community of El Paredon is a little known location with a black sand beach, palm trees, hammocks, and a great place to watch or surf the waves. It is about  2.5 hours from Guatemala City, with fishing and agriculture as its main industry.

Our community partner is the only NGO in the community forging partnerships with the local population to improve educational opportunities. With a goal to invest in training, education and experiential learning through  the growing of fresh fruit and vegetables, the secondary school students are learning to manage and maintain the garden. Currently, additional infrastructure is needed, including creating a solar water pump, compost area, walls, fencing, seed propagation area, and more. These added elements will ensure the garden is robust and will last well into the future.

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