New Hope 12th Grade School House

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

New Hope 12th Grade School House

Twenty-three of our volunteers helped to build a 12-grade school house with our partner, New Hope for Cambodian Children, a non-profit that serves children in Cambodia who are infected with HIV.


Project Details

Minimum Fundraising Commitment: $2,500

Our first ever Hope Corps project, creating cross cultural adventures that leave a positive footprint. Work with New Hope for Cambodian Children, a non-profit that serves children in Cambodia who are infected with HIV, to build a 12-grade school house.

Location: New Hope for Cambodian Children, an orphanage about 45 minutes outside of Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Project: New Hope 12 Grade School House

Community Partner: New Hope for Cambodian Children (NHCC) serves children in Cambodia who are infected with HIV. They are a 501(c)3-registered non-profit in Texas, as well as a registered NGO in Cambodia. Established in 2007, NHCC has worldwide recognition, a proven track record, and founders/operators who are thoroughly dedicated to the cause. NHCC has had incredible success directly addressing the HIV epidemic in Cambodia, and each year there are less infected children due to their programs. Their ultimate goal is to ‘work themselves out of a job.’

Project Profile:

Surf For Life volunteers will build a 12th grade school house at New Hope in early 2017. The build would be 16m² x 8m², with a dividing wall in the middle to create a two-room unit.


NHCC works in two overlapping areas: onsite (‘the Village’) and the outreach program. Within the Village, NHCC hosts a number of programmatic initiatives. Their primary objective is the health of their ‘children’. The large majority of these children are infected with HIV. The cases of children without HIV are limited to siblings of the infected children who are also orphans. 

Programs within the Village:

  • HIV medicine distribution 
  • Overall health assistance
  • Education/School (pre-school – 10th grade, currently)

Whilst these are the primary programs, NHCC hosts a number of other activities. The organization provides all the children’s room and board, vocational programs including wood shop, gardening, English, computation, bakery, a library, etc., movie nights, weekly ‘disco’ dances, offsite excursions, international volunteer group immersion/exposure, and more. 

The Village consists of 24 schoolrooms and approximately 24 housing units. There are 227 children currently residing in the Village. One of NHCC’s primary rules is that all children that have a ‘home/family’ must remain in their communities and are enrolled into the outreach program. Children with no where else to go, are admitted into the Village. 

Outreach Program:

The other major focus of NHCC is their outreach program. The outreach program works throughout eight provinces and provides support for approximately 11,000 children. Programmatic objectives for this program include access to HIV medicine, access to education (covers costs of transport, school materials, uniform, etc.), regional support staff, and participation in annual Camp Program (explained below). 


Camp is held annually during the entire month of August. Camp brings all of NHCC’s children together at the Village for a month of outreach, education, fun, and more. One of the principal goals of this program is to offer a safe platform for all children infected with HIV to come together to share and learn about their disease. 


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