Peru: Garden Wall and Community Soccer Field

Sacred Valley, Peru

Peru: Garden Wall and Community Soccer Field

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Minimum Fundraising Commitment: $2,500 including $150 non-refundable deposit

Each week needs 5 volunteers to run the trip.

The Sacred Valley is known as the breadbasket of the Incas for its agricultural production that fed an empire. The picturesque valley is rich in history and archeological ruins, the most famous of which is Machu Picchu. This project provides a unique opportunity for Surf For Life volunteers to work with communities both in the Sacred Valley and higher into the Andes mountains.

As an add-on (additional fee) to the trip, Surf For Life volunteers can opt to stay an extra 3 days  (Saturday to Monday) for a guided visit to Machu Picchu, that includes hotel in Cusco, transportation to and from Machu Picchu.  For more details on this option go here.

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Project Details: 

Project Details

Minimum Fundraising Commitment: $2,500

Location: Calca, Sacred Valley, Peru 

Project: Garden Wall and Community Soccer Field 

Community Partner: The Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development 

Community and Project Description:

In the community of Sacclio, an informal agriculture school and demonstration farm has been spreading an organic agricultural revolution for over a decade. Locally created and run, the Nina Cusiyupanqui Family Farm provides agricultural extension classes and workshops in a manner that aligns with customary methods of education found in Andean Communities.

In partnership with the Nina Cusiyupanqui Family Farm and the Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development, we will continue to support the EcoHuella farmer field school with the construction of a wall that will serve as a barrier to protect the plants, microbes and insects from dangerous chemicals used by adjacent farms. These contaminants impact the organic seeds that are saved from the farm and distributed to community. By ensuring a healthy environment for the crops and seeds, they can better demonstrate to visiting farmers, students and professionals the efficacy of agroecological production. The project may include preparing mud mortar, carrying and laying adobe bricks, and installing roof tiles on top of the wall.

For part of our time we will work in the high-altitude community of Huamanchoque, a tight-knit campesino (farming) community.  Here, we will help improve their existing soccer field, to one of pride, and something the community is extremely excited about and ready to work side-by-side with volunteers. The football (soccer) field is an important space enjoyed by all community members, especially the youth, who often have few other entertainment options. Other than football, the space is used to host community events, festivals, and more. Surf For Life volunteers will help to lay sod and install fencing.

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