Sabalo School Project

Quepos, Costa Rica

Sabalo School Project

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Project Details

Project Summary:

Hope Corps and local partner Earth Equilibrium have partnered for a second time to make some much needed improvements to the single classroom school in the farming community of Sabalo. Renovations will include building a new classroom, as well as new restrooms and a septic tank.

Location: Quepos, Costa Rica

Community Partner: Earth Equilibrium

Project Profile:

Sabalo is located on Costa Rica's central Pacific Coast, 30 minutes from the town of Quepos in Puntarenas province. It is a fairly young community as most of it's 360 inhabitants have been living in that area since 1997 when the government created and distributed parcels of land for farming. Sabalo is a beautiful mix of pastoral farmland and tropical rainforest bordered by the Savegre River. 

Sabalo School is tucked away at the very end of miles of oil palm plantations at the base of hills dotted with small family farms. It is a single classrom, with 20 students, grades one to six, and one teacher teching all subjects. Most children walk several miles each day to get to school. None of the children have textbooks and few have basic supplies. The one room school/ classroom was severely damaged in an earthquake in 2012 and the structure was poorly built to begin with. 

The project will focus on re-building their current classroom, including new restrooms and a septic tank. The vision of this project is to provide a quality learning space and educational experience for the students, the teacher, and the beautiful community of Sabalo. 




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