Nepal 2020: Week 2

Nepal 2020: Week 2

May 16 - May 23

Nepal 2020: Home for Children

Minimum Fundraising Commitment: $2,800 including $325 non-refundable deposit

Each week needs 5 volunteers to run the trip.

This is SFL's second trip to Nepal  Last year we helped with the construction of the children’s home in Solukhumbu.  The home opens in April of 2020 so now the work continues!  Surf For Life volunteers will be painting, gardening, making a play ground and finishing some rooms in the home.

This home is important becuse in April 2015, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal, toppling buildings and temples and creating landslides and avalanches in the Himalaya Mountains. Nearly 9,000 people died and hundreds of thousands of Nepalese were made homeless with entire villages flattened. The District of Solukhumbu was particularly hit hard being one of the closest districts to the epicenter. Recovery has been slow and is still ongoing. Given the increasing numbers of homeless and displaced children since the earthquake, plans have been developed by the community for a home to be built in the Solukhumbu District that would house 100 children in this remote region in the Himalayan Mountains.